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BIGRAM is part of Career Star Group, a global network of 770 companies that offer outplacement services in more than 70 countries. As a member of CSG we can share best practices and the experience and knowledge accumulated within CSG over 46 years. We operate on the international market – CSG member companies carry out outplacement projects for over 7,000 organisations and support more than 100,000 individuals every year.

We are familiar with various sectors – we implement projects in many industries, e.g. manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, finance and insurance, IT, retail trade.

We carry out projects for manufacturing jobs, specialist, middle- and upper-level management as well as Top Executive positions.

We tailor the Outplacement project scope and programme to the needs and expectations of each client.

For each participant in our programmes, we search for positive, innovative solutions in the process of career transition.

Together with a law office, we organise workshops preparing for changes in organisations.

What differentiates us is the extensive experience of our consultants/coaches who implemented the first Outplacement projects in Poland in the 1990s.

  • We use diversified tools supporting the participant in the transition process (Development Centre, 360 Degree Assessment, Profile XT questionnaire)
  • We offer a number of development activities (development sessions, soft skills improvement workshops, e-learning courses).
  • We work closely with each participant on building his or her image on the job market (preparation of application documents/marketing documents, preparation for job interviews and networking).
  • We show participants how to reach potential employers and recruiters.


An individually tailored programme designed to support individuals going through a career transition – downsized, looking for a job or changing their career path.


A professional activation programme for a larger group of employees subject to downsizing for reasons attributable to the organisation, and resulting from a change to the company business model, structural change, merger or cost optimisation.


Communication plays a key role in the change process. Change can lead to the loss of a sense of security and spark fear of an uncertain future, followed by a drop in the motivation of the people who remain within the organisation. This makes communication process planning and management vital. Proper communication supports the achievement of company business objectives and reduces resistance to change, thus facilitating change implementation.