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Are you looking for leaders who effectively build the success of an organisation?

BIGRAM’S Executive Search team is the Polish representative of IIC Partners – one of the world’s largest networks of independent executive search companies. In Poland, just like in over 30 other countries, we focus on the search for top executives.

We offer the following services in support of top management:


we implement all projects relying on direct contacts (Direct Search) with people in equivalent positions at other companies, on the basis of target lists drawn up in consultation with the client.

The broad and deep experience of IIC Partners consultants, who have completed more than 300 executive search projects, provides us with the strength of informal networking.

Our Application Database, containing more than 20,000 potential candidates for top management positions, further reinforces the recruitment process. The ability to perform a thorough, multi-faceted and rapid analysis of our resources helps us to quickly direct job proposals to the right candidates.

Management Audit

It is a service that assesses the competencies of managers and their capacity to meet their goals, especially in an environment of changes arising from acquisitions, mergers or restructuring.

The combined experience of psychological consultants, methodologists (the BIGRAM S.A. Development and Assessment Department) and recruitment consultants (IIC Partners), who are strongly established in the business, allows us to make sound judgments and valuable recommendations.


In addition, we take on very difficult recruitment projects in search of managers characterised by unique competencies, from narrow and very specific target groups.

BIGRAM / Associated with IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide

tel.: +48 695 408 090

Agnieszka Jabłońska, Recruitment Director

Visit also: www.iicpartners.com

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