Development Centre

The core of the Development Centre method is observation of participants’ behaviours through the lens of the key competences for a given position. It is one of the most efficient and reliable assessment methods. The assessment is a development tool.


  • high precision of assessment
  • objective, unprejudiced assessment of competences
  • opportunity for professional development and promotion
  • raising of participants’ awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses
  • precisely defining the competences that are key for the entire company and should be possessed by an employee/candidate for a given position
  • ability to observe individuals’ strengths and weaknesses that influence the functioning of the company and implementation of new tasks
  • identification of managers with the best competence profile
  • comparison of objective competence assessment and self-assessment
  • building of adequate development plans, taking into account participant expectations
  • significant improvement of competences of managers in areas diagnosed as weaknesses


  • planning of development and career paths
  • identification of strengths and areas requiring development
  • assessment of participants’ development potential
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