Renumerations systems

We assist our clients in translating skilful management of compensation into successful and effective management of the entire organisation. Combining all components of compensation into effective incentive programmes, we offer:

  • evaluation and improvement of compensation systems
  • job valuation
  • building base salary plans
  • definition of management compensation systems
  • incentive bonus systems
  • design of additional benefit packages
  • corporate loyalty systems
Job descriptions

From the HR perspective, the organisational management process is based on a fundamental tool: the job description. Complete, orderly and well-prepared job descriptions are essential for:

  • designing new jobs and evaluating existing ones
  • hiring for a certain job and then managing the employee’s development in the organisation
  • work planning, identification of tasks to be performed and assessment of the work outcome
  • optimising organisation management through objectives and many other aspects of HR management Ready-to-use tools and proven organisational procedures for the job description process make it possible to substantially reduce the time and cost of this labour-intensive process.
Job valuation

Job valuation is considered one of the best methods of organising and ranking jobs within companies in order to ensure fair compensation rules. Using proven valuation methods, we efficiently support our clients in the process of job ranking, which allows an easy comparison both with other positions in the organisation and with other companies on the market.

The outcome of our efforts in this field can be used directly for the purposes of:

  • redesigning structures and building new ones within the organisation
  • designing qualification scales and flexible grading structures (pay scales corresponding to the market benchmark and reflecting the value of particular jobs to the organisation)
  • extensive incentive systems with bonus schemes, benefit management and pay supplements
  • talent management systems
  • cost optimisation and expense rationalisation systems
  • systems for identification of roles and responsibilities, which are essential for process management and corporate standardisation (ISO and other certificates)
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