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Since 1993, we have been supporting our clients in selection and evaluation of the most talented managers and specialists, making us one of Poland’s most active and experienced HR consulting agencies. Thanks to our professional support in executive recruitment (Executive Search), as well as recruitment of managers and specialists, hundreds of organizations have achieved success in their recruitment processes, selecting the most qualified candidates. We also support clients in the employee evaluation and development process, through services including our Assessment and Development Centre, employee opinion surveys, remuneration policies and practices and our outplacement services (assistance to downsized employees).


We pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness of our services, the high quality of our projects, the extensive experience of our consultants, our thorough knowledge of the market and the dependability and ethics of our operations. We guarantee a flexible approach to each project, offering the experience of our managers and consultants, who operate within specialised groups and give the utmost attention to each detail of the client’s needs. Delivering high-quality projects that satisfy our clients is our Number 1 priority.


Piotr Wielgomas

President of the Board


During more than 20 years of serving Polish companies, our presence in business has never been about us,, but always about you. Our clients.

BIGRAM has always built its reputation on long-term relationships and quality. On beneficial mutual relationships of trust and quality, which we nurture every day.
This philosophy permeates every area of our activities. It is the DNA of our entire team. We approach each task individually and comprehensively. Our passion drives us to continually increase the effectiveness of what we do for you. We never give up, and that’s what we’re proud to be known for.
The HR world and the business world are our natural habitat. Our areas of expertise and competence are recruitment and consultancy projects, organisational evaluation, development and change, various industry specialisations and employer branding.
Our philosophy of being a partner to our clients stems from our respect for your time, and from looking at every task from your perspective. That’s what gives us satisfaction in our work.
Because your business is about you, not about us.

Meet our team


Agnieszka Jabłońska

Director, Member of the Board, Proxy

Executive search and recruitment division, Proxy


Anna Zachariasz-Łobodzińska

Director, Member of the Board

Development and Assessment Department


Paulina Mazur

Director, Member of the Board

Talent Development and employer branding


Agnieszka Sitko

Finance Director, Proxy



Edyta Czarnecka

Branch Office Manager

Oddział Wrocław


Dorota Kowalewska

Branch Office Manager

Oddział Poznań

Our services


We have gained recognition through our membership in international organizations. Since 2002, BIGRAM has been a member of the IIC Partners network (, which brings together the largest executive search companies from around the world.

In 2003, we became a member of Career Star Group (, the largest international alliance of companies offering outplacement services. Thanks to this partnership, we have access to global know-how, keep a close eye on the latest HR trends and have opportunities to share our decades of knowledge and expertise with others.


Since year 2000 we organize in Poland national editions of the larges strategy and management competition based on a highly advanced business simulation Global Management Challenge. (

Since the end of 2009 we are single representatives of an international non-profit organization Enactus in Poland. Enactus brings together student, academic and business leaders which through entrepreneurial actions answer on economic, ecologic and social needs of local communities. Enactus is present in over 30 countries, gathering over 1600 univesities and over 400 corporate partners. Visit