Change management

How do we support our Customers in the change process?

We support our Customers in planning and conducting an effective process of change, communication, building the leadership capacity of line managers during the change process by:

  • Preparing a plan and actions in the reorganisation process and establishing a project team to ensure smooth implementation of the project
  • Developing a staff communication plan and message content to ensure stable employment of key talent from the perspective of the organisation and minimise the risk of other potential disruptions to the effective operation of the business
  • Preparing managers for change management and communicating change. Acquisition of the ability to communicate effectively in the process of change/downsizing by Managers. Responding appropriately and quickly to emerging change-related issues and questions
We ensure:
  • workshops preparing managers to communicate change
  • workshops preparing managers to communicate termination notices
  • additional training courses and coaching support in the field of change communication skills; understanding the importance of interpersonal communication skills for achieving results and maintaining involvement of employees in the change process
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