CheckPoint 360

This process of assessing managerial competences delivers valuable feedback for managers from their superiors, co-workers and subordinates, allowing comparison with their self-assessments.

Methodology CheckPoint 360°™

  • the complex assessment process takes place on the basis of the CheckPoint 360°™ assessment system – a managerial staff assessment tool from a renowned global
  • family of psychometric tools (
  • assessment of the results of managers’ work, divided into eight universal competences and 18 sets of skills
  • individual and group reports – Organizational Analysis of Managerial Staff™


  • information concerning managers’ strengths and areas for improvement
  • examination of how managerial skills fit with the organisation’s vision, mission, objectives and strategy
  • support in planning company objectives
  • familiarisation with an organisation’s culture;
  • assistance in solving problems such as ineffective managerial practices, insufficient leadership, low motivation, lack of commitment, low work standards, workplace conflicts
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