Competence Models

Competence-based management is an element of human resources management strategy. The guiding principle is a conviction that human competences have fundamental significance for an organisation’s ability to achieve its goals. A company must build its competitive advantage constantly, throughout its life-cycle. Thus, competences are inextricably linked with the organisation’s vision, strategy and values.

A correctly defined competence model is the key success factor in subsequent projects related to human resources management.

A competence model is useful for:

  • recruitment and candidate selection
  • employee evaluation (periodic appraisals)
  • skill audits
  • effective feedback
  • identification of employee potential
  • creating reserve staff and succession planning
  • promotions and shifts within the organisation
  • employee training and development

Employee benefits from competence model implementation:

  • competence and skill management
  • development possibilities in line with company strategy and employee expectations
  • higher motivation for self-improvement
  • transparent criteria for evaluation and expectations
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