Questions that you can ask the employer


  • What is the scope of duties and responsibilities on the proposed position — whom will the position report to or which positions will be reporting to it?
  • Who will be the potential supervisor?
  • What are the specific challenges on the position in question?
  • What are the main tasks to be completed within the first month, six months, a year?
  • What are the particular expectations towards you?
  • What are the company’s development plans for the coming years?
  • What will be the development opportunities and within what time frame?
  • What will be the opportunities for improving qualifications?

You can also enquire about formal issues:

  • What are the remuneration components (base salary, bonuses, awards) and according to what system are they paid?
  • What will be the social and in-kind benefits offered by the company — the form and scope of medical care?
  • What will be the working time and the opportunities for using the annual leave?

Finally, ask about the following steps of the process:

  • When will you learn about the outcome of the interview?
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