Stages of the recruitment process

Individual stages of Candidate recruitment and selection process vary depending on the level and specific nature of the job, as well as our Clients’ preferences. We will try to demonstrate what the process involves and how our Consultants, BIGRAM HR Business Partners, execute recruitment projects.

At the beginning of cooperation with a Client, we receive the job profile as well as a description of responsibilities and expectations towards Candidates. Together with the Client, we describe the job offer, specifying the benefits, the level of remuneration and other non-wage benefits offered by the Employer to potential Candidates.

Our recruitment projects typically consist of several stages:


In the execution of these projects, our consultants — BIGRAM HR Business Partners — are assisted by so-called researchers. Together, they identify individuals who may find a given offer interesting in terms of their professional development.

We have several ways of preparing a list of potential Candidates whom we want to invite to participate in the process for our Client.

First of all, we check our BIGRAM Safe Database, i.e. a database of people who have saved their CVs in our candidates’ database and have agreed to be contacted in connection with our recruitment projects.

If you are not registered in BSD yet, please visit

We prepare an advertisement, inviting the Candidates to send applications compatible with the search profile (Candidates register under a specific link provided in the advertisement). The advertisement is published on our website —, on or other websites.

  • When registering in response to a specific advertisement, e.g. from, you can immediately agree to remain in our BIGRAM Safe Database for the purposes of future projects — we recommend using this option.
  • After registering in our database or in response to a specific advertisement, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your application has reached our BIGRAM Safe Database.
  • We recommend following our profile on LinkedIn, where we publish selected advertisements.

We carry out direct searches, i.e. we reach out to people who could be interested in the given offer and have experience similar to the profile being sought.

Our consultants also use their network of contacts.

We believe in the potential of all of our Candidates.

It is only a matter of time and circumstances before we are able to combine the right offer of professional development and the employer, our Client, with the Candidate.

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