Assessment Centre

The written tasks may include:

  • in basket exercises — the candidate takes on the role of a person returning to work after a leave, whose task is to arrange a file of documents placed on their desk within a specified time limit,
  • case study — the candidate’s task is to analyse a problematic situation and propose their own solutions and ideas.

Simulation tasks may include:

  • a group simulation exercise — a group discussion, during which the task of the candidates is to arrive at a common solution to the problem within the prescribed time limit and, on the other hand, to defend their own interests,
  • a one-on-one exercise — a conversation with a subordinate — the candidate takes on the role of a subordinate or superior and the situation pertains e.g. to periodic employee evaluation,
  • as well as individual tasks, e.g. a presentation — making a short presentation (10–15 minutes long) on the proposed subject.

In simulation tasks, candidates’ behaviour is observed in terms of competences which are key for the job they are applying for.

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