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Znajdź swoją wymarzoną pracę już dzisiaj!

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How to hire the manager perfectly fitted to our organisation?

As BIGRAM consultants we meet higher level managers every day. This gives us the opportunity to hold with them long, in-depth conversations on their professional experience and best practices. It also allows us to assess, what working environment and...

How to select organizational leaders, boosting their competencies at the same time? To achieve just that, companies turn to gamification.

The application period for the largest global virtual business simulation game, the Global Management Challenge (GMC), is under way. GMS is an annual business management competition attracting hundreds of managers, specialists and students competing for a managerial excellence trophy. It is unparalleled as a training boosting soft&hard skills as well as business awareness. Hence the growing corporate interest in this unusual venture.

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The global 39th Global Management Challenge finals are barely over. Gamification means, in other words, playing games and competing. The Global Management Challenge (GMC) simulation include managers, specialists, graduates and students tasked with assuming roles of board members for a virtual company. For several weeks they manage the company so as to generate the best financial result on the virtual market. Corporate and student teams play at the same time, competing with one another simultaneously. Teams are split into groups competing to generate the highest financial result, with one team’s decisions affecting the competitors from a given group, resulting in full interaction between the participants. Each game continues for five business decision cycles. „I can recommend GMC to anyone interested in management and entrepreneurship, willing to try their hand at taking real business decisions. As one of the Polish GMC participants noticed, even though the game environment is developed artificially, it does not want for challenges and rules changing just as we are finally starting to think we got a grasp on what’s going on. This is guaranteed to bring emotions to the table.” – says Karolina Zawiślak – Karolkowska, GMC Polska Project Manager.

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9 hours, 8 teams, 350 guests and almost 130 business jurors - Enactus Poland National Competition 2019! has closed.

This year’s edition of the Enactus Poland competition was held on June 3 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Enactus is the largest global student organization bringing together active participants from 14 universities all over Poland. Student teams compete developing CSR (socially responsible) projects, ultimately to be transformed into start-ups.

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BIGRAM personnel consulting is involved in facilitating meetings between students and representatives of top companies partnering with Enactus. In the meetings, business leaders share their knowledge and experience as well as work on the projects together with the students. Sonia Zakrzewska, BIGRAM, Country Leader Enactus Poland, believes there is no other similar event in Poland, matching businesses with students: “The Enactus competition finals constitute a part of a global event involving representatives from 40 countries. 72,000 students compete for the champion title, signifying the best of the best. The stakes are high as winning opens doors to careers with the most famous, prestigious organizations from all over the world”.

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