SIFE evolves into Enactus

At the opening ceremony of SIFE World Cup held in Washington, D.C. (30.09-2.10.2012), the organizers revealed the new name and logo of the program – EnActUs. ‘We needed a name which conveyed ‘the spirit of entrepreneurship’, the driving force behind everything that we do,’ said Alvin Rohrs, CEO of Enactus Worldwide.

The program’s international coordinators decided on the name change so that it would better reflect the main principles of the initiative. ‘Our organization was founded 40 years ago, long before the concepts of micro-loans and community enterprises came into existence,’ added Alvin Rohrs. As the students’ CSR initiatives continued to develop more and more, the SIFE name soon became too limiting in scope and did not fully convey the full nature of the program which, after all, unites not just one, but many communities. Over the course of its nearly 40-year long history, the program has managed to involve close to 40 countries, 1600 universities, 400 companies and 57 000 volunteers. Many noble ideas, born as a result of cooperation of the student community with the business community, are transformed into projects that bring tangible benefits and offer material help to those need.


The Enactus name is derived from Entrepreneurial, Action and Us, underlining the program’s ability to unite the participants, motivating them to take action and strive towards achieving their goals. The Enactus organization wants to promote:

an Entrepreneurial mindset, enabling people to discover and take advantage of opportunities through which they will be able to learn valuable lessons and achieve desired results;

the drive to Action, signified through involvement, an active and positive attitude, and perseverance in working towards one’s goals;

– the fact that it is Us, the participants, who are actively involved in the Enactus program, a network uniting all participants.

The Enactus World Cup 2012, organized in cooperation with Hillary Clinton’s State Department, brought together over 3000 representatives from companies and universities, and students from around the globe. Presentations were held by students from 39 countries. The presentations were evaluated by members of executive boards from various companies around the world. The judging panel included Judges from Poland, namely:


– Beata Stola, Human Resources & Administration Director, Board Member of UPC Polska;

– Agnieszka Żołędziowska, General Director of Chartis Europe;

– Igor Kaleński, CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi Poland;

– Piotr Wielgomas, Chairman of BIGRAM SA.

The winner of Enactus World Cup 2012 was the Belmont University team from the United States of America. Second place was taken by the French University in Egypt team. Third place – the HR College of Commerce & Economics team from India. Fourth place – the Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Poland was represented in Washington, D.C. by The University of Lodz.

The program’s new name, which officially replaced the old name as of 1st of October, 2012, will also function in Poland. Currently, Enactus teams are present at 12 universities around Poland (University of Lodz, University of Gdańsk, Poznan University of Technology, among others). With the beginning of the new academic year, the teams are already planning to continue their activities for the benefit of local communities and will develop projects which are going to be presented before the judging panel, comprised of business experts, during the Polish National Finals 2013. PwC and Chartis will continue to be the main sponsors.

More information about Enactus is available at and