Psychometric tests and their role in boosting the results of sales divisions

Deiric McCann visited Poland by special invitation of BIGRAM SA. Deiric McCann is Senior Vice President of Profiles International, the American company offering the Profiles advanced employee assessment tools. Profiles International is represented in Poland by BIGRAM SA. During his visit, Deiric McCann delivered two presentations addressed to HR and Sales Managers, focusing mainly on the topic of boosting the results of sales divisions during the economic crisis.

The first presentation took place on November 12th at the BIGRAM headquarters, in the form of a relaxed, closed meeting with Sales Directors, Sales Managers and HR Department Directors. The second presentation took place on November 13th during the Expo Kadry, a trade conference aimed at HR personnel.

During both seminars, Deiric McCann shared his knowledge and experience regarding the optimization of a company’s sales force in order to achieve stronger sales results. He focused on the importance of employing the right salespeople as it is their effective performance that brings the company real profit. On the example of charts and based on the Sales Force Optimization system, he showed what happens when salespeople fail to meet their monthly sales targets and the impact this has on the company. The cause of such a situation often has its source as early as during the recruitment and competency assessment process. What we learn about the candidate’s past duties, experiences and abilities during the job interview does not necessarily mean that the candidate will perform well at our company. The candidate might not be well-suited to the organized work-culture within the company or to the work model of our company’s sales division. According to Deiric McCann, a great way to avoid hiring the wrong person would be to complement the recruitment process with ProfileXT Sales which will assess the competencies of candidates intending to join your company’s sales department. Only those salespeople who are well-suited for their position will properly manage all sales-related matters, will feel comfortable in their work environment and will become actively involved in the effective realization of their duties.

The use of ProfileXT Sales in assessing the well-suitedness of a candidate to the intended job position can help boost the company’s average monthly sales results. The Sales Force Optimization system makes it possible to assess the competencies of your sales team and to plan the right training schedule so that your sales team can improve their performance. The assessment tests will also improve the company’s recruitment process, allowing you to find the best candidates for the job. After all, is it not better to hire six above-average salespeople who will achieve results comparable to a team of ten average salespeople?