Assesor Academy

The ASSESSOR ACADEMY was created to meet our clients’ growing needs for better assessment tools and skills. In today’s job market, companies cannot allow themselves to make even the tiniest mistakes in recruitment decisions. It is crucial to make decisions concerning employment, internal promotions and development on the basis of objective criteria.



As a result, an increasing number of companies opt to implement comprehensive competence assessment methods, such as the Assessment Centre or Development Centre. This is done using the company’s own recruitment methods (internal and external).

Blank job evaluation form with shallow depth of field and selective focus on words.
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Bearing in mind the huge responsibility borne by those who assess the competences of current and potential employees, we have decided to prepare a yearly ASSESSOR ACADEMY course.


The classes, which combine theory with practice, cover a very wide thematic scope. They include workshop modules run once a month, supervised work and a practical exam.

Target group: The training is directed to persons with at least 1 year of experience in the area of employee recruitment and development.


Rules of Assessor Academy: Decisions on admission will be made on the basis of an interview conducted by a consultant from BIGRAM’s Development and Assessment Department and a preliminary test of Human Resources Management knowledge.