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Employer branding at universities

We have an active presence at almost 60 universities in Poland. We work with our ambassadors to organise events and local initiatives that support recruitment of young talent and promotion of employers in the academic environment.

Conferences, trainings and case studies at universities help our clients meet potential job candidates.

Our events are well promoted, using tools including social media to reach large audiences at universities all over Poland. We have experience in organising large conferences and other events for students, as well as online branding campaigns and young talent recruitment projects.

The international projects we lead in Poland (the Enactus and GMC competition) bring together around 3,000 students each year.

We have had the pleasure of supporting employers such as Budimex, PwC, PKO Bank Polski, Eurocash Group and NIVEA.

We have an extensive portfolio of completed projects.

We are involved in the education of future leaders

We organise a number of activities to support the development of knowledge and skills on Polish campuses. We support students and empower them with practical skills and knowledge so they can look for work more effectively and start their careers.

We use effective tools and achieve measurable results

We select the best solutions and initiatives to ensure our employers achieve the best return on their investment, and will attract and retain the best young talent.

Our student database

We have a current database of valuable candidates – active and ambitious students.

What we offer:

  • Case studies at universities
  • Open Days at the Employer’s HQ
  • Employer Competitions
  • Campaigns in student media and social media
  • Ambassadorial programs
  • Market research on student expectations and perceptions of employers
  • Regional Conferences
  • Stands at universities, job fairs
  • Design of the student section on Employers’ websites
  • Printed materials such as leaflets, posters