Profiles XT

Profile XT™ is one of the most popular assessment tools used in business around the world. Profile XT™, through its innovative JobFit™ technology, measures essential data an employer needs to make better hiring, training, management and promotion decisions. The Profile XT™ employs advanced online technology that predicts job suitability and matches people with the work they’re suited for.

Market analysis
Blank job evaluation form with shallow depth of field and selective focus on words.

Key features of Profile XT:

  • enables the employer to identify people predisposed to achieve success in certain job positions
  • an important part of recruitment, assessment and development processes
  • provides information useful in succession and career planning
  • user-friendly and available online
  • automatic report generation

Profile XT tool description

Profile XT assesses a candidate or employee’s job match in the following areas:

  • Thinking Style – numerical and verbal reasoning, necessary to draw the right conclusions and make decisions. Learning abilities determining the efficient acquisition of knowledge;
  • Behavioural Traits – which determine behaviours, actions and results achieved at work, especially related to co-operation and teamwork;
  • Interests – factors that influence behaviours and people’s motivation to work

The Profile XT questionnaire compares the individual’s results with the Position Compatibility Profiles, which allows us to determine whether the person is able to meet the expectations associated with the position.

Advantages/ application of PXT:

  • supports the recruitment process, providing information about a candidate’s suitability for the position;
  • allows assessment of a person’s precise way of thinking and reasoning, and the level and use of the employee’s analytical skills;
  • provides information about the subject’s functioning in groups, his or her independence and efficiency;
  • provides information about the subject’s functioning in groups, his or her independence and efficiency;
  • provides practical developmental and motivational recommendations that can be used by managers;
  • is convenient and quick – available online, automatically generates results and reports; translated into 32 languages and frequently used in international business environments

Profile XT reports contain valuable information for managers about motivating and leading employees to achieve the best results. Types of report:

  • Performance model comparison – includes suggestions on how to manage particular employees and how to improve employee performance
  • Interview guide – challenge areas – useful in the recruitment process as well as in developmental ones
  • Interview guide– total person – contains sample questions that might be used during an interview
  • Comparison summary – brief report containing the most important comments on the results.
  • Individual profile – feedback for the candidate or employee.
  • Summary graph – presents the results on a Sten scale (1-10) in comparison to a performance model.




The candidate’s or employee’s results are compared with our Position Compatibility Profiles, which help determine whether the individual meets the employer’s expectations.

For more information about Profiles, please contact Katarzyna Gancewska, Profiles Consultant, Wrocław, phone : +48 71 343 71 15, or our Warsaw office at (+48 22) 646 94 94.