The Employer Value Proposition

The Employer Value Proposition is the cornerstone of any employer branding strategy. To start building the concept of Employer Branding one must first recognise the value of the company to its employees, present and future. The message built around the EVP must be clear and honest.

Any employer branding strategy must be reliable, proven and based on honest communication.

The starting point is an analysis of the current value of the employer, and an evaluation of how employees perceive the company, and of the company’s strengths and weaknesses as an employer.

The EVP diagnosis services that we offer vary depending on factors such as the size and nature of the organisation, and include:


  • staff survey and study (statistical analysis) covering relationship to the employer, motivations, perceptions of strengths and weaknesses, relations with superiors, etc.)
  • interviews with managers and focus groups
  • internal communication analysis (overview of tools such as forms and assessments, intranet, newsletters)
  • audit of recruitment processes


Additionally, we recommend checking the company’s online reputation as an employer (e.g. on blogs and social media).