Performance Management

Performance Management (managing effectiveness) is one of the most effective tools for establishing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of goals. Goals resulting from an organisation’s strategy are cascaded to particular employees of the company in accordance with MBO principles. All goals are weighted, strictly defined in time, monitored and capable of being unequivocally evaluated. Performance management is also an important element of developing a company’s strategy, which permits continuous control over the effectiveness of that strategy.

Management by Objectives
Management by Objectives (MBO) is a management method that assumes that the most valuable asset of a company is a motivated, dedicated team of employees. This approach focuses on goals determined jointly by supervisors and subordinates, and on establishing measurement of the desired results and periodic evaluations of those results.

Management by Competencies
This evaluation system, based on competencies and objectives, is a perfect starting point for creating a coherent system for managing human resources. In creating a competency model, an organisation equips itself with tools that provide a basis for various activities, from hiring, through evaluation and remuneration, to planning development and career paths.
This evaluation system makes it possible to select employees based on an assessment of key competencies needed for future duties.

During a periodic evaluation of the competencies assessed at the time of hiring, development can be tracked. On the basis of the information obtained during an evaluation, a training plan can be prepared and a career path within the company projected.
Periodic evaluations are related to the remuneration system. Remuneration is strictly correlated with the evaluation of competencies, and therefore with meeting company targets and implementing company values, as well as with the personal achievements of each employee.

When decisions on promotions are being taken, employees are evaluated in terms of key competencies for the new position. This is very clear and transparent for the employee. The system and the idea of the system remain unchanged; all that changes is the evaluation of competencies.