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Do you wish to build the success of your organization on employees' engagement?
You wish to strengthen your HR strategy and role in the company?

Our Assessment and Development team invites you to talk about solutions and process which can effectivly empower your company success.

How we can achieve more by engaging the right people to our business. Explore HR tools to better fit the needs of your employees and your business goals.

Employee Satisfaction Analysis

Measuring your employees satisfaction allows to improve their engagement and lower retention.

Competence Models

Build your market leverage on your human capital.

Renumerations systems

Adapt wages and benefits to ensure a fair and transparent system.

Periodic employees evaluation

Necessary for proper HR management in every organization.

Professional trainings

We like to share our passion for HR and our knowledge and skills. Read about our trainings and workshops.

We assist our clients in translating skilful management of compensation into successful and effective management of the entire organisation. Combining all components of compensation into effective incentive programmes, we offer:

  • evaluation and improvement of compensation systems
  • job valuation
  • building base salary plans
  • definition of management compensation systems
  • incentive bonus systems
  • design of additional benefit packages
  • corporate loyalty systems

From the HR perspective, the organisational management process is based on a fundamental tool: the job description. Complete, orderly and well-prepared job descriptions are essential for:

  • designing new jobs and evaluating existing ones
  • hiring for a certain job and then managing the employee’s development in the organisation
  • work planning, identification of tasks to be performed and assessment of the work outcome
  • optimising organisation management through objectives and many other aspects of HR management

Ready-to-use tools and proven organisational procedures for the job description process make it possible to substantially reduce the time and cost of this labour-intensive process.

Job valuation is considered one of the best methods of organising and ranking jobs within companies in order to ensure fair compensation rules. Using proven valuation methods, we efficiently support our clients in the process of job ranking, which allows an easy comparison both with other positions in the organisation and with other companies on the market.

The outcome of our efforts in this field can be used directly for the purposes of:

  • redesigning structures and building new ones within the organisation
  • designing qualification scales and flexible grading structures (pay scales corresponding to the market benchmark and reflecting the value of particular jobs to the organisation)
  • extensive incentive systems with bonus schemes, benefit management and pay supplements
  • talent management systems
  • cost optimisation and expense rationalisation systems
  • systems for identification of roles and responsibilities, which are essential for process management and corporate standardisation (ISO and other certificates)

Before you make a decision check your employees potential and help them grow.

Our Assessment and Development team offers wide range of services to managers seeking solutions that enable the optimum use of the strengths and potential of their employees. Our solutions are always adapted to the individual needs of our clients. To arrange a review of your managerial and specialist staff – an analysis of training and development needs, identifying the employees with the greatest potential and the future managers among them – we encourage you to contact our Assessment Centre/ Development Centre, which offers a wide range of solutions in this area.

As Profiles Poland – a member of the Profiles International, Inc. group, we offer tools from a well-known global family of psychometric business tools: Profile XT™ and CheckPoint 360º ™.

Employee evaluation tools

We offer support in areas:

  • diagnosis of organizational culture;
  • define desirable changes in organizational culture;
  • communication audit;
  • define desirable areas of development in internal communication;
  • define key risks and actions to eliminate the risk.

Complex HR

Recruitment, assessment, development.

Over 25 years on the market

International partners. Local experiances.

Sector specialization

Diversified knowledge and skills.



BIGRAM Branches


  • 7 Cybernetyki Str.,
    00-001 Warsaw
  • +48 (22) 646 94 94
  • bigram(at)bigram.pl


  • 2/4 Sw. Antoniego Str.,
    50-073 Wroclaw
  • +48 (71) 343 71 15
  • bigram.wroclaw(at)bigram.pl


  • 35 Towarowa st.,
    61-896 Poznan
  • +48 (61) 850 13 73
  • bigram.poznan(at)bigram.pl


  • 9 Pawia Str.,
    31-154 Cracow
  • +48 695 500 922
  • bigram.krakow(at)bigram.pl
Administratorem danych osobowych znajdujących się w naszej Bazie Danych BIGRAM jest firma BIGRAM S.A. z siedzibą w Warszawie, przy ul. Cybernetyki 7, 02-677 Warszawa, wpisana do rejestru przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, prowadzonego przez Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS, NIP: 521-04-10-988, REGON: 012516102, KRS: 0000061970; kapitał zakładowy/wpłacony: 526 000,00 PLN.
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Maciej Majewski

We had the pleasure of working with BIGRAM in various areas, and our relationship was always based on good communication and effectiveness on their side. We trust BIGRAM because of their good approach to the client, responsiveness to our needs and fl...

Who stands behind BIGRAM success in Poland?
Our team!


For over 25 years we support our Clients in executive search, managers’ and specialists’ selection and recruitment. We are one of the most active and experienced HR consulting companies in Poland. We have a wide range of HR services and tools. Our team demonstrates professionalism, represents diversified knowledge and skills. We know the market, we feel the changes and understand new trends. We are passionate about sharing best HR practices. We are BIGRAM. Search Career HR.

Over 25 years of our presence in business is about You, our Clients.

BIGRAM has always built its reputation on long-term relationships and quality. On beneficial mutual relationships of trust and quality, which we nurture every day.

This philosophy permeates every area of our activities. It is the DNA of our entire team. We approach each task individually and comprehensively. Our passion drives us to continually increase the effectiveness of what we do for you. We never give up, and that’s what we’re proud to be known for.

The HR world and the business world are our natural habitat. Our areas of expertise and competence are recruitment and consultancy projects, organizational evaluation, development and change, various industry specializations and employer branding.

Our philosophy of being a partner to our clients stems from our respect for your time, and from looking at every task from your perspective. That’s what gives us satisfaction in our work.



We represent Enactus in Poland, bringing together academic and business leaders responding to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030). Present in over 35 countries gathers 1600 universities and 400 corporate partners.

Global Management Challenge

Largest business simulation organized by us in Poland since 2000. Virtual competition for managers, specialists and students. Effective solution for Employer branding and talent development.


IIC Partners

Our executive search team operates within the global network IIC partners. Since 2002 we apply best global practices recruiting top leaders in Poland.

Career Star Group

Since 2013 we are a member of Career Star Group, a network of best outplacement suppliers delivering effective programs for dismissed employees.



to talk about people who create success

Administratorem danych osobowych znajdujących się w naszej Bazie Danych BIGRAM jest firma BIGRAM S.A. z siedzibą w Warszawie, przy ul. Cybernetyki 7, 02-677 Warszawa, wpisana do rejestru przedsiębiorców Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, prowadzonego przez Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS, NIP: 521-04-10-988, REGON: 012516102, KRS: 0000061970; kapitał zakładowy/wpłacony: 526 000,00 PLN.
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BIGRAM. Search Career HR.

Our company specializes in Human Resources consulting. We are present on the market for over 25 years. We are a Polish company with international partners and a wide business network. We deliver complex HR solutions to our business clients including: attraction and recruitment of specialists and managers, executive search, assessment and development tools, talent development, outplacement programs. Our team, a diversified group of over 50 people, is highly qualified to meet business clients demands and face market challenges. We also stand out demonstrating passion and commitment in sharing and delivering best HR practices and solutions.

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We know that success in business is built on human potential.
We search and recruit unique candidates:

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