Europe-wide ICC Partners meeting in Prague

The regional meeting of the European ICC Partners was held from May 15th, to May 17th, 2013, in Prague. Representatives o the executive search department from BIGRAM, which is also a network partner from 2002, were also present in Prague.

The meeting witnessed the participation of about 50 representatives from European companies offering executive search services, which are members of one of the largest international executive search networks in the world — ICC Partners. The participants of the three-day event, which was held in the InterContinental Prague hotel, took part in a series of seminars held by experts such as Joe McCool. Named an authority among headhunters by Business Week, McCool was the editor-in-chief of Executive Recruiter News for 8 years. His speech concerned the changes on the executive search market, which were caused by the appearance of LinkedIn and Facebook — two widely available databases of candidates. However, according to the expert, easier access to potential candidates does not necessarily mean that it will be easier for companies to staff their top executive positions. On the contrary. Modern candidates create their profiles on the aforementioned portals in a very deliberate and professional way, which means that the key to verifying their experience and competence is the appropriate selection of candidates.

Martin Jahn, the Managing Directo, Group Fleet International at Volksvagen, the third largest automotive group in the world after Toyota and GM, gave a very interesting talk about the structure and strategies of management.

Apart from participating in seminars and case studies, the representatives were divided among chosen Practice Groups such as Industry, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods & Retail, and Technology. In these groups they discussed the most impotant challenges and goals, shared their insights and opinions, and carried out projects. They also discussed the marketing and communicative strategy of the ICC Partners network. The meeting was also a wonderful opportunity to network and hold informal talks, during which we could understand the views of our partners from other countries on the executive search market.

The meeting has proven that the economic situation in Europe also affects the European executive search market. Representatives from Spanish, Italian, Portugese, and Greek companies are all witness to considerable economic downturn in their countries. Great Britain, Germany, and Poland remain optimistic despite conservative forecasts.