Managers do not enjoy the risk

On 16th February Katarzyna Berenda-Ratajczyk appeared on the cover of Puls Biznesu newspaper. BIGRAM Vice President gave interview to Dorota Czerwińska from Puls Biznesu at the occasion of Managers Motivation 2014. BIGRAM was co-organizer of the survey (together with Legg Mason and Wolters Kluwer), which aim was to check what motivates managers.

At the publicised results comes to the fore basic salary, remuneration and environment stability where manager works. Not bonuses, but foreseeable and regular income influence on motivation. It results mostly from cautious market judge and own possibilities in achieving goals. There is less and less so called pistols, managers confident of gaining extraordinary results. However generally remuneration policies in companies are related to work results.

Managers want to have feeling of work safety and guarantee, that even when market will turmoil, they will earn specific amount of money regardless company results. It does not mean they are less ambitious. Market is slowly going up, however uncertainty which last after the crisis and consequences which we still feel, cause that people lost self-confidence. Such a lot of events happened in the economics and still is happening, it interfere managers financial security, who wants to live on the same level as till now and don’t want to worry about paying credits – commented for Puls Biznesu Katarzna Berenda Ratajczyk. Results of the survey are worth to take into consideration in planned recruitment of specialists and managers as well as higher level positions (executive search).

Second place in hierarchy of motivators for managers stays for flexible form of employment, which means that managers also in the recruitment process can tempt to the offer, which will allow them to work in flexible hours and also include remote work. On the third place managers showed extra benefits.

As the strongest demotivators surveyed showed company goals breaching the law (almost 59%) and tough relations with superiors (56%). It shows, that ethic level in polish business is doing well so that managers do not want to work for “doubt” goals.