Looking for a partner? Check the reviews

Professional recruitment agencies have references from their clients. You can also contact them directly and ask for feedback.

Just like any other organization, a recruitment agency never operates in a vacuum, but rather in a market environment, making and maintaining relationships with its partners.

Organizations intending to start working on a project may get to know more about an agency, including feedback from its clients, quite effortlessly. They can either approach the clients or contact the agency directly asking for references.

Recruitment agency tasks

A professional recruitment agency is able to find the right candidates to fill designated vacancies quickly and effectively. Good communication with both the employer and the candidate is another important trademark, which is exactly why it is up to the recruitment agency to communicate with candidates and obtain their consent to acquiring and processing their personal details. That is more than relevant with the GDPR provisions in place.

Another important thing to remember is that a recruitment agency is able to target candidates not involved in seeking a new job at the time, utilizing a direct search method to provide active headhunting services. This way candidates appropriate for key managerial positions in a company may be found, just as well as specialists with unique competencies who have not yet taken steps to change their current job.

Furthermore, recruitment professionals organize open workshops on competency interviews their clients may sign up for to gain knowledge on identifying the best candidates for specific positions.

Benefits of working with a recruitment agency

Contrary to myths prevalent on the market, working with a recruitment agency may bring multiple benefits to a company. These may range from time and resource savings to the cost side.

The myth of extended process duration

A myth claiming that using professional recruitment services extends the recruitment duration is quite popular. In reality, the opposite is true. A professional recruitment agency has an extended candidate base at its disposal, with data on their careers so far, skills, competencies, personal characteristics and expectations.

The database allows for smooth shortlisting of candidates with specific personal and professional profiles. That process is way shorter than it would take the organization to search for candidates on its own by, for instance, placing ads online and waiting for applications (even though the agency may use that channel upon its client’s request, too).

The myth of high cost

There is also a quite common misleading opinion out there that commissioning employee search to a recruitment agency is more expensive than implementing the search internally. The facts disprove the myth.

Asking an agency to carry out the task saves both time and resources on the part of the organization, which could in turn be redirected towards other activities. The savings may for instance lie in sparing the organization the task of achieving full market penetration, as the agency will handle that.

What is more, tools and methods the recruiters are able to use, such as behavioral interviews, allow the organization to use its broadly defined recruitment budget in a smarter and more efficient manner.

Myth of industry specific searches

Occasionally, opinions suggest that recruitment agencies do not know specific industries and their characteristics. That myth does not match the reality either, though.

A professional recruitment agency has industry specialists, with each consultant well versed in the industry they provide services for, coupled with candidate database and clients’ references.