How to hire the manager perfectly fitted to our organisation?

As BIGRAM consultants we meet higher level managers every day. This gives us the opportunity to hold with them long, in-depth conversations on their professional experience and best practices. It also allows us to assess, what working environment and what factors motivate them to effectively work for one organisation for many years.

Each manager wants to have an impact on what is happening in the company. They want to work in an environment allowing them to take up the initiative, to search and create innovative solutions. Those responsible for shaping the organisational culture and structure should precisely design the manager’s working position, so as to give them the opportunity to develop in all the aspects mentioned above. According to the BIGRAM 2015 research, the strongest de-motivating factors for managers are: targets breaching the law and difficult relations with their superiors in the company. This example shows, that at a time when they feel insufficient empowerment and also too much pressure from those above them in the organisational structure, a decline in motivation may be observed. This is directly associated with reducing the field of independence, decision making and feeling of having an impact, which are so dear to almost every manager. Defining the management style of a given manager and diligent assessment of how they fit in the company management culture become pivotal in this situation. A manager’s leadership style reflects their individual character qualities – personality traits. There are two leading management styles: democratic and autocratic. A democratic manager appreciates developing solutions together, based on conversations, discussions, analysis of an issue. Communicating, empathy and openness are the dominant traits of such a manager. The second trend is authoritarian management. Well thought-over distribution of tasks in the team and subsequent, in-depth verification of their performance are a strength of managers displaying this management type. Management style identification is important both in terms of anticipating the efficiency of management activities and in terms of motivating the manager within the whole organisation structure. Proper treatment of the manager, compliant with their management style, assures for them a feeling of respect, being significant and empowered.

In their everyday work, BIGRAM consultants put a lot of emphasis on quality. In every recruitment process we strive to get to know the candidate’s experience well, identifying their specific competencies. Verifying internal motivation is another fundamental area. Thus, numerous questions from this area are likely to appear. Checking the candidate’s motivation, we ask questions allowing us to assess how much they are determined to get hired, but also what factors will motivate them in the future. We try to answer the question: Are the structure and culture in the Client’s company – the potential employer – the ones that the Candidate is looking for? Confronting these two realities at the recruitment stage is important to assure a long-term, satisfactory employment relation for both parties. Manager – leader as a person commanding a group, must in a way set an example for the employees. They must have authority and they will only get there if they perform their duties diligently and zealously. A person holding such an important position in the organisation should honestly be interested in the situation of every member of their team; they should face problems and support the people they work with. All that is possible only if the manager is 100% motivated to work.

It is worth taking care of managers, thinking about their needs and providing them with opportunities to utilise their expertise. A well-operating manager means a good team and a good team is crucial for success of the company.

Anna Bogucka, Recruitment Business Partner, BIGRAM