Gamification basically is about using mechanisms related to gameplays in situations and disciplines not being a game. This element is used more and more often in business processes and it applies also in advanced training programme as is Global Management Challenge.

During the Global Management Challenge gameplay, student and company teams are managing virtual companies and competing on simulated markets. In each decision making period teams are making over 70 key decisions for the company, basing on the reports and company history. Simulation allows to develop i.e. analytical skills, strategic management, planning or team working.

About intensity and high effectiveness of acquiring knowledge within the GMC mostly decides the gamification factor. Gameplay is conducted in a form of contest where in every national edition is one winner, further he is representing country in worldwide final.  We have here elements of typical competition between all participants “playing” on the same rules to achieve one goal.

What important gameplay is not conducted individual by each team. Teams are divided into groups where they are competing for earning the highest investment result. One team’s decisions are influencing on the competitors from the group so that full interaction is taking place. It translates to high emotional engagement which intensifies on acquiring knowledge and motivates players to work on simulator and improving results of their virtual company.

As the questionnaires completed by the polish players shows, gamification used within the GMC yields good results. Almost 91% of surveyed declares that analytical skills has been highly developed, 80% confirmed planning education and strategy implementation, thanks to the team working gameplay character almost 71% declares team working skills development. Additionally 81% declares willingness of further participation in GMC which shows high participants engagement.
Polish contest editions are taking place once a year. Starts in November and finishes in March.
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