Good recruitment process underlies organizational success


Right recruitment and selection are an organizations foundation

Today, employees are recognized as one of the key organization’s assets contributing to its success. Human resources management, in turn, requires a good recruitment process as one of its components.

Any organization – a company or an institution – has well-selected teams as a basis of its functioning. And everyone heading an organization should be aware of that.

Other assets – technologies and even the best know-how gained from a foreign parent company – will not be of any use if carefully selected teams integrating professional competences and personal characteristics do not work on their implementation.

Recruitment process – the beginning of everything

The recruitment process constitutes the basis for creating a team to lead the organization to its success and the first stage to crew completion. That is exactly when it is the easiest to find the right employees to work together towards specified goals.

Depending on the business and the desired candidate competencies, the recruitment may be carried out by placing ads in industry media (online and printed) or in general, local, regional and national media, but also through job fairs or with the assistance of Job Centers.

Independent recruitment like that does not always yield the desired results, though,  as companies may not have the required competencies in the area.

Professional assistance

Outsourcing the recruitment process is an option worth considering. In current market conditions the process is easy and smooth.

Professional recruitment agencies have specialists at hand to define the perfect candidate’s profile and skilfully assess the incoming applications. They also utilize their own databases to seek individuals looking for new jobs or professional challenges.

Furthermore, support from a professional recruiter makes it possible to identify organizational needs and to prepare a standardized set of requirements for candidates. The profile may be amended or supplemented at a later stage, depending on the given vacancy.

Agency assistance may be particularly advantageous when seeking staff to implement specific projects. That is when the candidates are typically required to have specialized pre-defined competencies.

Quite obviously, the recruitment process does not end upon publishing an ad. Assessment of applications and pre-selection of candidates follows closely after.

Then, depending on the recruitment model adopted, more steps follow, including assessment and verification of references, subject and/or personality tests or an Assessment center.

The candidate list is refined at each stage, culminating in final selection of a candidate with optimum mix of competencies and personality traits matching the hiring organization and its needs.