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Profiles International is an American company established in 1991 to meet the market’s needs for better assessment tools and improvement of the human resources management processes. The company has created a state-of-the-art assessment system using an online platform, allowing tests to be conducted from any computer with an Internet connection.

Thanks to its business partners, Profiles International Group operates in 122 countries all over the world. Profiles International has 40,000 clients, and its tools are available in 32 language versions. Profiles’ clients include both large corporations and smaller companies, in all industries. Since 2005 BIGRAM has been the Polish partner of Profiles International and provides continuous support for clients who use these HR tools.

The tools and assessment systems that we offer have been standardised and adapted to Polish conditions.

Profiles questionnaires are used for:

  • recruitment and selection
  • team building
  • assessment processes focused on identification of competences aimed at development
  • preparation of optimum training programmes adapted to the learning style of the participants

Get to know more about available tools:

Customer Service Profile

Customer Service Profile is a tool dedicated to the Customer Service area. The assessment includes analytical skills (verbal and numerical analysis) and also key behaviours, which in this field are tact, focus and flexibility. Using a questionnaire, Customer Service Profile allows a comparison between the candidate’s customer service standards and the company’s strategy.

Profile XT

Profile XT™ is one of the most popular assessment tools used in business around the world. Profile XT™, through its innovative JobFit™ technology, measures essential data an employer needs to make better hiring, training, management and promotion decisions. The Profile XT™ employs advanced online technology that predicts job suitability and matches people with the work they’re suited for.