Individual Outplacement

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An individually tailored programme designed to support individuals going through a career transition – downsized, looking for a job or changing their career path.

Our activities include:

  • Individual meetings during which we:
    • establish together with the participant the directions of further professional development,
    • improve the participant’s self-awareness of strengths and areas for further development,
    • prepare information on navigating through the current job market,
    • support the participant in the preparation of application documents/marketing documents,
    • provide emotional support
  • Assessment Centre, 360-Degree Assessment and Profile XT test
  • Development sessions
  • Soft skills workshops
  • E-learning training courses
  • Support in searching for and finding the right job offers, recruiters, potential employers
  • Consultancy on networking
  • Identification of alternative career advancement paths (e.g. setting up one’s own business)

Individual Outplacement is especially useful in situations when a company is forced to adapt and downsize, parting ways with managers and specialists. We conduct Individual Outplacement programmes for each level of position, matching the consultants’ experience and work methods.