Communicating changes

Business people meeting in office to discuss project

Communication plays a key role in the change process. Change can lead to the loss of a sense of security and spark fear of an uncertain future, followed by a drop in the motivation of the people who remain within the organisation. This makes communication process planning and management vital. Proper communication supports the achievement of company business objectives and reduces resistance to change, thus facilitating change implementation.


Our activities include:

  • Preparation of the scope and form of announcements
  • Development of a communication schedule
  • Supporting an organisation in the change communication process
  • Workshops for managers on communicating difficult decisions/changes


BIGRAM supports managers through special workshops on communicating difficult decisions. The workshops enable the managers to learn how to communicate the process and the decisions made in a consistent manner.


Outplacement offered by the company to its employees also requires effective communication – e.g. an information campaign encouraging employees to participate in the programme. BIGRAM consultants offer the client their advice and support in the preparation of information materials and persuading employees to take advantage of the outplacement programme.