Participation in webinars

Participation in the “Professional Career Change” webinars

Would you like to acquire the comprehensive knowledge necessary to move around the labour market efficiently? Take part in our webinars!

We offer a bundle of 4 webinars entitled “Professional Career Change”, during which you will receive comprehensive knowledge, skills and tools necessary to move around the labour market effectively. Webinars are carried out using a variety of methods: presentations, questions, exercises in order to make participants as active as possible. Moreover, participants receive an e-mail with materials, exercises and document templates used during webinars.

Webinars are run by an experienced Senior Consultant on Career Development and Change. You can buy the whole bundle of 4 webinars or choose just a single one.

The bundle contains 4 thematic modules (each module lasts 3 hours):

  • Module I
    • Career analysis
  • Module II
    • Labour market – active job search
  • Module III
    • Document preparation (CV, cover letter)
    • Professional image in social media
  • Module IV
    • Your self-presentation
    • Job interview and negotiation
For more information, please contact us:

Agata Lautsch

Menadżer ds. Rozwoju i Zmiany Kariery

+48 605 551 371

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