Effective Self-Presentation

Program: Effective Self-Presentation during a Recruitment Interview

You have no experience in recruitment interviews? Do you lack self-confidence? We will prepare you effectively!

During the programme we will prepare you to present yourself in the best possible way during a recruitment interview:

  • We will provide you with the preparation and practice of a self-presentation – a precise, concise, focused on essential facts narrative that effectively demonstrates your competences and experience
  • We will familiarize you with the methodology and practice of competence and job interviews
  • We will provide you with a simulated recruitment interview with a BIGRAM Recruiter and the opportunity to analyze the recording of the interview. The simulation is an extremely effective tool for preparing for a recruitment interview. Analyzing the recording allows you to spot behaviors that you are not aware of and to make corrections to your self-presentation

Program elements: 3 counselling sessions carried out by a Career Development and Change Consultant (face-to-face or online individual meetings); simulation of a recruitment interview with a BIGRAM Recruiter; each session lasting 2 clock hours, as well as materials and exercises for own work; constant telephone and e-mail contact.

We ensure the on-line implementation of the Programme

Thematic scope of the consultation sessions:

  • First and second consultation session. Sessions prepare you to the recruitment interview during which:
    • we will develop your successes with the STAR method, key competences and strengths, values;
    • we will analyse your CV;
    • we will develop a scenario of your self-presentation during a job interview. We will learn you the principles and benefits of the “Elevator Pitch”;
    • we will suggest how to answer difficult questions and what questions to ask.
  • Simulation session of the recruitment interview held by the BIGRAM recruiter.
    • We offer to record this session. You will receive report and development feedback from the recruiter on what needs to be improved and what is worth emphasizing in your presentation.
  • Third session with feedback/consultation where the recruiter and you both analyse the simulation recording and the recruiter’s report to find ways to improve your presentation.
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