PREMIUM Programme – Career Coaching

Do you have a need for sustainable development? Would you like to deliberately manage your career? We have designed this programme for you!

The programme is dedicated to those who wish to manage their careers on the basis of identified professional objectives and are aware of the need for sustainable development, in line with the changing expectations of the market.

Coaching sessions are carried out by a Consultant/Coach with business experience. Development Center session run by experienced assessors. Each coaching session lasts 120 minutes.

We ensure the on-line implementation of the Programme.

The Programme covers 4 coaching sessions and a Development Center session:

  • First coaching session:
    • assessment of your professional career
    • identification of professional objectives vs. motivational factors
    • diagnosis of key competences for further development of the career path
  • Development Center session (all-day session)
  • Second coaching session:
    • analysis of competences assessed during the Development Center session
    • agreeing key competences for development
  • Third and fourth coaching sessions:
    • working on the development of designated competences

Coaching is considered to be the most precise way to develop professional competences, as it has a direct impact on achieving the best results, because:

  • it increases the participant’s professional activity and efficiency
  • it changes success attitudes and behaviour by removing barriers, stereotype-based thinking
  • it strengthens self-esteem
  • it increases self-confidence by raising self-awareness and a clear vision of goals

The effectiveness of coaching is based on the participant’s readiness for the process and willingness to achieve the set goals.

Development Center – it is a competence assessment process that enables students to identify strengths and areas for development and provides a basis for identifying development and training activities. The process results in obtaining information on the level of competencies of the participants in terms of efficiency of performing tasks in a given position or area.

After the Development Center session, an individual report will be created, containing a description of the level of individual competencies, a chapter on strengths and development areas of the examined person, as well as development recommendations in the context of further goals set for the participant.

In order to prepare the Development Center project, it is important to clarify the scope of the competences assessed and the tools used. The set of examined competencies will be created during the participant’s session
with a Senior Consultant/Coach based on an analysis of their professional plans and expectations related to effective behaviour in a given position.

As part of the Development Center session, we offer simulations (i.e. interview with an employee, meeting with a customer) or written tasks such as case study.

In accordance with the rules applied by BIGRAM, during the session, each participant shall be observed by at least three assessors. However, each competence shall be examined in at least two exercises. This approach allows us to provide high-quality and objective results. The results are then integrated and discussed during the assessors discussion.

The participant’s supervising assessor is responsible for the integration of participant’s results and preparation of an individual report.

For more information, please contact us:

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