What does it take to motivate a manager?

Results of Managers Motivation 2015 survey, co-organized by BIGRAM has been described in Rzeczpospolita: “More than seven out of ten polish managers would like to have higher salary with lower bonus than attractive bonus system with lower salary. Even though in last few years companies are investing a lot in bonus systems for managers, for our superiors basic salary shows to be main factor mobilizing to work. Much less on the first place within the motivators managers showed bonuses and commissions as well as extra benefits. It does not mean they do not appreciate those.” – (Anita Blaszczak)Survey included also questions about factors demotivating to work. Within factors discouraging to continue work on specified position two of them definitely distinguish from the rest. It was: breaching the law and tough relations with superiors in the company. Majority of managers would consider resignation if one of the option took place.

Piotr Wielgomas, BIGRAM CEO, estimates, that managers preferences has been influenced by crisis and persisting uncertainty in the economic. Costs cut in a lot of companies caused that salaries has been raising lower than before (if they rose at all) and volatile economic surround effects that there is no certainty of achieving goals rewarded with bonuses. Companies focuses on extra benefits systems development, forgetting sometimes, how important is basic salary. It is not about exaggerated expectations but earnings on the market level.