16th edition of GMC Poland

It’s already the 16th edition of the Global Management Challenge – the largest strategy and management competition, organized in Poland by BIGRAM.

GMC for years remains the largest competition in the world and in Poland. A competition which, thanks to advanced business simulation allows to learn in practice managerial skills and expand knowledge in business management.

Annual editions (conducted on-line) gather participants from all over Poland, representing companies and universities. GMC provides experienced managers with an opportunity to confront with the students qualified for the project.

During the competition we cooperate with Warsaw Stock Exchange and KGHM – our strategic partner. This year’s media patrons are Rzeczpospolita, MyCompany and Personel i Zarządzanie.

For the launched in November 16th edition of the GMC in Poland we have engaged the following employers and organizations: GK PGE, Saint-Gobain Group, Lingaro, Tauron (over 20 teams!), Aperam, ArcelorMittal Poland, Bakalland, Bank Zachodni WBK, Coca Cola HBC, EDF Polska, Liberty Ubezpieczenia, Dom Inwestycyjny Xelion, Motorola, Netia, Robert Bosch, ProContact, TMF Group, Netia, Lingaro, Atos IT Services, Top Farms, Żywiec Group, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, MBA Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny Wrocław.


Moreover, students from over 40 universities applied to participate in the competition. The best teams have qualified to participate under the auspices of UBS, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, Robert Bosch, PGNiG Termika, ArcelorMittal, Top Farms, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Rzeczpospolita and GetResponse.


GMC in 2015 at the universities was represented by a record-breaking number of 62 ambassadors.

[ewf-iconbox title=”Since 2000, in total, 317 companies and 83 national universities participated in GMC.” icon=”ifc-web_shield” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-1″ link=”#” align=”left”]

On December 21 participants made their last business decisions in the I stage of the competition. 42 teams qualified for the second stage of the GMC Poland, including seven corporate teams from KGHM, one from PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, three from Tauron and two from GK PGE. Moreover, corporate teams from Bank Zachodni WBK and Top Farms will meet in the second round, as well as student teams representing Warsaw Stock Exchange, KGHM, Rzeczpospolita, magazine MyCompany, Personel i Zarządzanie, UBS and PGNiG TERMIKA.

Commitment to work in the simulation translates into a way of looking at business, it gives participants a “helicopter view” as well as makes them reflect on the process of making decisions in their professional work. GMC is a perfect example of the use of gamification mechanisms and the use of advanced computer programs in training and development of managerial competence.

Benefits from participating in GMC:

[ewf-progress title=”Increase in analitical thinking and working with data” value=”80%” bar=”#18829c”][ewf-progress title=”Growth in knowledge on business strategy implementing ” value=”80%” bar=”#81d742″]
[ewf-testimonial name=”Marta Cydejko” description=”Human Capital Chief Executive Officer in KGHM ” image_id=”4300″]One of the most important objectives of KGHM as a company operating in the international arena is to prepare employees to manage business units around the world and conduct international projects. Our involvement in this year’s edition of GMC is both willingness to participate in business simulation as a unique feature of development as well as to meet the specific needs of the business. We keep fingers crossed for our employees participating in the competition, but more than the result we want these people to completed the adventure of GMC more aware of how many factors must be taken into account in managing the company.[/ewf-testimonial]

Corporate teams will have an opportunity to participate in additional event “Play in GMC – win MBA,” which is scheduled for 15 January 2016 at Kozminski University in Warsaw. During the event, participants solve the standard GMAT test, and the person who reaches the highest score will be awarded with Finance MBA at Kozminski!

The second stage in the Polish edition of the GMC leads to the national finals scheduled for March 2016 on GPW (the top 8 teams). The winner of the Polish edition will go to the World Final GMC to Macau (in April 2016.). The best team is also rewarded with postgraduate studies at Kozminski University.

[ewf-iconbox title=”Entries for the 2016 edition of GMC Poland are already open. ” icon=”ifc-megaphone2″ style=”ewf-iconbox-style-1″ link=”||” align=”left”]For more information go to www.gmcpoland.pl[/ewf-iconbox]